Is The Edge affiliated with OU?

No, The Edge is not affiliated with or endorsed by the University of Oklahoma. This independent relationship allows The Edge to offer its residents an independent living atmosphere and a broader amenity package at affordable rental rates.

Do I need to bring my own furniture?

No, all of our apartments come completely furnished as follows:

Living Area:
4 bistro chairs for the bar
Cocktail table
End table
Entertainment table
42" LCD Flat Panel TV

Full-size bed with mattress
4-drawer chest
Desk chair
Night stand

Can additional furniture be brought into the apartment?

Yes. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to remove any of the furniture that is provided.

What are some advantages of living at The Edge?

Larger bedrooms! 
Every bedroom at The Edge is approximately 11' by 12'.
Private Bath and Walk-In Closet. 
Every bedroom at The Edge includes a private full-bath and a private walk-in closet.

What are some of the advantages of living at The Edge instead of another apartment community?

In addition to the advantages stated above, The Edge also offers the following advantages over other local apartment communities.
Location. The Edge is closer to the main campus than almost any other private apartment community.
Individual Lease. See below.
All-Inclusive Rent Payments. See below.
Co-signer versus Guarantor. See below.

What is the advantage of an Individual Lease?

There are two types of leases commonly used to rent an apartment to multiple tenants:

Joint Lease. With a joint lease, each signer is responsible for the entire rent. If a signer leaves or fails to pay, the other signer(s) are responsible for the entire rent due.
Individual Lease. With an Individual Lease, like the one we use at The Edge, there is a separate agreement for each signer. If a roommate leaves or fails to pay, the other roommate(s) are not responsible for any portion of that roommate's rent or utilities.

What is included in your All-Inclusive Monthly Payments?

By bundling all the necessary utilities into one monthly payment, you need only write one check to cover your rent, utilities, high-speed Internet access, and furniture. This also means that they are ready and working the day you move in, plus no more splitting up your utility bills with your roommates.


To rent an apartment you must be able to qualify. The Edge will accept a guarantor (usually a parent or guardian) if you cannot meet its financial qualifications. The guarantor must meet the financial qualifications and is equally responsible and liable for the terms of the Individual Lease. With a joint lease, utilized by most other apartment communities for college students, you will be required to have a co-signer (usually a parent or guardian) who can be held financially responsible for the entire lease, not just their portion.

Is there ample parking space?

The Edge has available at least one parking space for every renter.

How far is it to Campus?

The Edge is located 1/2 mile from the main campus.

Do I have to have renter's insurance?

The landlord insures the building, not the buildings contents. You are responsible for insuring your personal possessions. Sometimes your parent's or guardian's homeowners insurance will cover you while you're away at college, but be sure to check. This type of insurance is not expensive and is well worth it.

Where do I find information on utilities?

At The Edge, all of your basic utilities are covered by your rent check. You will never need to pay any additional monies for your water, sewer, or high-speed Internet access. Also included in your rent is a cap for electricity.

How do I get cable TV?

Contact COX Communications at (405) 600-8282 to set up new service. There will be a TV outlet in every bedroom and the living room. Please note that no satellite TV is permitted.

How can I get Internet access?

The Edge has included high-speed Internet access. There will be a live Ethernet connection in every bedroom.

How can I get a local telephone number?

At this time, The Edge does not offer telephone services. However, your apartment is already pre-wired for private lines in each bedroom.

Will I be sharing a bedroom?

No. Every resident at The Edge will have a private locking bedroom that includes a private full-bath and walk-in closet.

Can I use my financial aid to pay my rent?

Yes. Once a student's tuition has been paid, any remaining grant or loan money can be used for housing costs. The remaining aid will be given directly to the student, who then uses the funds to pay for housing. Your rent will not be automatically paid through financial aid! Make sure to contact the financial aid office for more information.

When am I allowed to have guests?

Whenever you want.